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Terms & Conditions

We are sure you'll love our products and most of the time things go as smooth as a peeled onion but the following terms of sale will help if you are unsure about anything, please read the terms carefully before making your purchase and if anything is unclear reach out beforehand to clarify.

1.0 30 Day Money Back & Returns Policy

1.1 We provide a no hassle 30 day return policy whereby customers can simply return unwanted items for a refund, there will however be a 20% restocking fee to cover the original outbound shipping (it's not really free). The return shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer as is any insurance on the returned item(s), we are happy to assist with return shipping labels or arrangments on request but we will charge the actual cost of shipping rather than the subsidized ones offered throughout our site (quotes are available through our very helpful customer service team). Not available to customers residing outside the USA. Seconds/Ex-display items are not covered by warranty but can be returned, at the customer's own expense, under the 30 day Money Back Policy. Use of our returns service is not mandatory and customers are welcome to arrange their own shipping.

1.2 Packaging of the returned item is the responsibility of the customer, items must be received in brand new condition and fit for resale with the original packaging intact. With most chairs the packaging we use is more than adequate and many parts can be reused when returning. We are unable to provide packaging elements but we are happy to offer advice. Some of our products are fragile or damageable and great care is taken by our packaging department to ensure nothing gets damaged in transit on the way to our customers, therefore returns will need to be packaged just as carefully to avoid being damaged during transit back to us, we do not take responsibility for damages incurred when items during transit back to us, either by the carrier or poor packaging. Partial or no credit/refund may be given for any returns that are damaged due to careless/improper packaging.

2.0 Pre-orders of deposit and out of stock items

2.1 We take a $100 deposit for pre-orders on items not in stock that included custom items and special orders. A deposit is exactly that, a deposit and it is non-refundable if you decide cancel the order. Deposits are only ever refunded in the following circumstances:

(Pre-order, out of stock items) If we cannot provide the item ordered or whereby it takes longer than the advertised waiting period by more than 12 weeks.

(Custom order or non-catalog items) If we can’t provide the item ordered or if the order takes longer than the advertised waiting period by more than 16 weeks.

2.2 Important - when your pre-order, out of stock or custom item arrives we will contact you to inform of its arrival. The outstanding balance must then be paid within 30 days of the arrival date, otherwise the deposit will be held and the item released for re-sale. If you have a valid reason for extension and you inform us then an agreement can be made. With agreement however after 6 weeks of holding we will charge storage of your item at $10 per item per week (+sales tax in IL).

2.3 Please be aware that pre-orders, out of stock and custom items ordered between November and February can take longer than the advertised period due to our factories being closed from the 18th of January to the 10th of February due to the festive period in the country of origin. The week count of items ordered during that time will only begin once the item order has been placed with the factory and we will try to keep you informed of this.

2.4 Pre-ordered and custom made items are covered with the same 12 month warranty however are not covered by the 30 day return policy as they have been made to order especially for you. It is a customer's responsibility therefore to view an item or order samples in advance to ensure suitability.

3.0 Advertised Lead Times

3.1 Many out of stock and custom items advertise a lead time of 12 to 16 weeks. It is important to understand the processes involved with these orders. The lead time is based on an average and there are many variables that can slow this down including the following:

3.1.1 Shipping - The shipping from our factory takes 4-6 weeks of the lead time alone. We order in bulk quantities and shipping is by sea container. Shipping can be affected by loading delays, weather conditions, port arrival, presidential trade wars, natural disasters and customs clearance procedures etc. All of which are completely out of our control.

3.1.2 Production - Sometimes the production times can be slightly slower than normal and may be because of the availability of raw materials, public holidays, festive periods or simply manufacturing congestion. Many of our items are hand built and hand assembled at at least some point during the production line, so please keep this in mind.

3.1.3 Date Of Order - We order as often as possible from our factories therefore the date at which you order makes a difference to the length of time an order may take. For example if an order has just been shipped, that means the cycle has only just begun and will likely take longer than the minimum advertized wait time.

We try our best to keep customers informed of the progress but please note it is not always possible. We advise periodic checks to review the status of your order. As part of the terms on pre-order deposits we allow a total of 16 weeks in order to try to produce and deliver, should it be delayed any further customers are free to cancel and receive a full refund.

4.0 Warranty

4.1 All Items are covered by a Manufacturer’s Warranty that lasts for 12 months.

4.2 Only manufacturing defects are warranted. We do not cover any damages, chips, tears, marks etc. caused by the customer either through use or installation of the product.

4.3 It is important to note that items with swivel mechanisms can sometimes be treated with contempt by children or intoxicated adults! Damage to items that have been caused by 'spinning' very fast on swivel mechanisms is not covered, only manufacturing defects. We advise careful instruction and observation of minors and intoxicated adults.

4.4 We are obliged to offer either a replacement or repair (including replacement parts) on Warranted items.

4.4 Due to distance selling we always request images in order to process and assess any resulting warranty issue or damages.

4.5 In the event of a problem we reserve the right to correct it and we will not charge shipping or delivery costs for replacements or repairs (within 30 days) unless a) the customer is using the 30 day money back policy and returning unwanted items b) returning items without giving the opportunity of correcting reported problems or c) the customer is reporting a fault on delivery but has signed as perfect with the courier.

4.6 Please note that in the process of manufacturing acrylic and fiberglass products it is not uncommon for there to be small imperfections. This is not constituted as damage due to the nature of the material as long as they do not represent a significant size white can be classed as a 'defect'.

4.7 Always check that the measurements of hallways, doorways, stairwells and rabbit holes are able to fit the products you have ordered. If you do not measure first then we are not responsible and the goods must be returned under the 30 day ruling therefore costing the customer shipping charges both ways.

4.8 We do not take any responsibility for customers own DIY efforts. For example a Bubble chair that hangs from a customer’s own ceiling fixing. Please have items professionally installed if you are not experienced in these areas.

4.9 We do not take accountability for any damage caused by the customer. Clearly marks, scratches and chips that are not on the product when it arrives are the customer’s responsibility. Likewise Damage that was not present when boxed at the warehouse and the product signed for on delivery is the responsibility of the customer. It's very important that you sign items 'not checked' on POD paperwork.

4.10 Pre-ordered and bespoke items are covered with the same 12 month warranty however are not covered by the 30 day return rule as they have been made custom made. It is a customer's responsibility therefore to view an item or order samples in advance to ensure suitability. We already said this but want to make sure you were still reading.

4.11 Due to the logistics involved, reported problems from countries outside of the USA will be dealt with financial re-imbursement. We do not collect and return items from outside the USA. We either a) send replacement parts or b) pay compensation/refund amount for items damaged or missing. Though this can be viewed on a case by case basis by our customer service team.

4.12 Warranty is void in all cases whereby any item has been modified from its original condition, this includes but is not limited to painting, coloring, staining, varnishing, adding after market 22" rims or a large exhaust.

4.13 Items sold as seconds/ex-display carry no warranty. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they are fully aware of the condition of an item before purchase. We are happy to send extra photos on request.

5.0 Delivery

5.1 THIS SECTION IS VERY IMPORTANT - In the case of larger items we always try to recommend that at least 2 people are present to receive the delivery. Our shipping company will call in most cases to arrange convenient delivery (usually on pallets/skids, business addresses are often delivered within business hours without appointment). A convenient delivery constitutes whereby the courier delivers to an accessible address, where the necessary help is on hand to move the items. If you live on the side of a mountain, at the end of a dirt road or the top of a bean stalk, please let us know beforehand. If a delivery is unable to be made for a reason our of our control due to lack of information or correct address there will likely be a re-delivery fee which will be responsibiliy of the customer. Please note that although many of the delivery drivers are very helpful, their contract is to get the items to your home, not inside it. If you have ordered numerous or large items and they arrive by pallet, the driver is only liable for curb side delivery. Other delivery service options may be available through the site at an additional cost, please contact us for a quote.

5.2 It is VERY important you check the goods on arrival wherever possible. Couriers will not entertain a claim for their damage if the delivery sheet is signed as ok. If a courier does not give you time to check your goods please sign the sheet as UNCHECKED. At the very least any transport damage must be reported within 7 days but the chances of a successful claim are diminished and there will be little we can do about it. Please note that this refers to courier/transport damage and does not affect any warranty issue and/or component fault.

5.3 Important - If you reside outside of the USA there may be an import tax or duty payable by the customer to the local government. Please be aware we do not take any responsibility for these costs and they are NOT included in shipping, it is tax levied by local government and we do not know what these charges may be.

5.4 Notification of Damaged Goods in Transit Must Be made within 48 hours of receipt.

5.5 Refusal of a correct delivery is still charged, so is any re-delivery fee. Likewise if this delivery is then returned to us by the carrier the charges for this are also the responsibility of the customer and we will deduct from the cost of any refund owed for the cancelation of the order. Be aware that we will charge the full amount of the return and not to subsidized cost (like we said, shipping isn't really free).

5.6 With Palletized and large item deliveries it is very important you do not miss the scheduled delivery because re-delivery chargeable and the rate cannot be guaranteed. Also, if a change of address is required and we're not informed before delivery date, any fees incurred to us by the carrier will be passed directly to the customer - These will be the ACTUAL FEES and not the ususal subsidised fees available on our site, these are often expensive so please check delivery addresses carefully.

5.7 Please be mindful that Modern Onion cannot be held accountable for local laws in regards to imports. Items sent within the USA are fine but please contact your local customs or consult legal advice if you reside outside of the USA to be fully averse to local conditions. We're only selling furniture here but it pays to be prudent.

5.8 Delivery by freight on larger items is ususally sheduled, a time window of between 2-4 hours is usually given and the table will be delivered Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. If delivery is required at a more convenient time or after 5pm then extra charges may be incurred, these will be charged by us for the carrier and it's best to notify us before you place the order.

5.9 If the customer is fortunate to reside in a location that is difficult for larger vehicles to enter, especially in regards to orders shipped by freight, it is the responsibility of the customer to let us know beforehand so that we can check that our carriers can service your address. Failure to do this may result in extra charges being passed along to the customer or in the event that an item is undeliverable both the full return shipping address and the 20% may be deducted from any refund to cover our costs. There is always the option of being collected from the carrier terminal but unsurprisingly there are fees for this sometimes too, freight companies are a bit like kidnappers sometimes.

5.10 If a package is undeliverable after multiple attempts and the customer has not contacted either ourselves or the carrier direct resulting in the package being returned to us, you will be liable for the return shipping costs to us. If at this point the customer decides to cancel the 20% restocking fee will also apply. If the package needs to be re-shipped again a 20% re-shipping fee will apply.

6.0 Website

6.1 We reserve the right to withdraw special offers, discount coupons and promotions as and when we see fit.

6.2 Should a fault within the design of the website cause the web cart to be lower than the advertised sale or delivery price of the chosen products, we reserve the right to cancel and refund the transaction.

7.0 Purchase Terms Acceptance

7.1 By clicking on buy now, pre-order item now, ordering over the telephone or direct via email or message in a bottle you enter into agreement of our terms and conditions as given both above, please read them carefully.

7.2 Are you still reading? We didn't think so. If you just skipped down to here then go back up, some stuff is actually very important.