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Shipping Information

The shipping of large items is everyone's worst nightmare, fortunately we have been doing this a very long time and whilst we're not perfect at it... we're pretty close. 

Small items such as chairs, side tables, lamps and most of our kids section are shipped with UPS as small packages. They're nicely packed up in custom made, double walled boxes and shipped straight to your front door. UPS will make a few attempts to deliver to someone in person and will occasionally leave something in a safe place. After a few attempts they'll leave a note and you can collect your packages from a local office. 

Small items are the easy part but the larger items like ball chairs or our large (and very heavy) oval marble tables are a little more tricky. If you're in the Chicago area we either deliver ourselves or use a local carrier that will call you and arrange a delivery window that's usually between 2-4 hours. The table or chair isn't usually on a pallet and will be delivered to your premises in it's original packaging. Delivery is curbside only unless previously discussed or you bribe the driver but it's at his or her discretion and I would't count on anything beyond curbside. If we deliver the item in house then we'll help you get it inside as long as you've got someone to help. Usually if we handle a local delivery it will be a single driver. Single as in one person, we're happily married onions. 

If you're somewhere else in the US (or elsewhere) it's not all that dissimilar, the table will be strapped and wrapped on a specially made, heavyweight pallet that's usually 80" long. A shipping company will contact you to schedule the delivery much the same and will too provide a window of 2-4 hours. The difference with this service is that you will need to unpack the items from the pallet and check for any concealed damage, a freight shipping company employs all manner of tricks to avoid responsibility for any damages, the chief among them is to have you sign for the freight as clear when they deliver it. Naturally people do and then find it's damaged and the freight company doesn't want to know. We've put this information in an email we send out when we ship your item but if you're reading this before your item ships then you've got a heads up, sign that form as 'unchecked'. Are you still reading? 

That all sounds very scary but 90% of the time there are no problems and your items will be fine, we take a lot of care to pack everything really well but it's always wise to be cautious when freight carriers are concerned. You can use all the packaging in the world but it's difficult to account for someones inability to use a forklift.

In some instances we can offer extra services such as white glove (that's industry speak for unpacking and taking the debris away) and assembly for freight items, this has to be done on a quote by quote basis and is often quite costly but for big items like marble tables it's something to consider. In regards to large freight items they will always need someone to sign for the item, even if it's a family member and will rarely leave an item even if requested so you or someone will need to be home and they will almost never deliver on a weekend or after 6 PM. If you think this may be a problem or you have an address that could be difficult to be serviced by a large truck then let us know first, freight companies love to charge a re-delivery fee and we just can't absorb that with our low prices. 

When taking delivery of large items, we recommend 2-4 people be on hand to unpack and install the items into your home or workplace. Ball chairs, pod chairs and basically anything that's not our oval marble tables can usually be managed by 2 people. Those marble tables though are very large (yes, you ordered an 80" table) and very heavy (yes it's made of marble) the table top is usually around 300lbs. You'll need 4 people if you're not used to wrestling with this kind of sold object. It's easier to move the tables in their box, unpack them inside and lay them face down (on a blanket) and screw the base on upside down. Then you can flip it over and marvel at your genius, you can take all the credit we don't mind. 

Shipping time depends on how close you are to Denver and ranges from 1 day to 6 days, of course bad weather, asteroids, pandemics and zombie apocalypses cannot be planned for. If any of those things happen stay safe and we'll get your items to you as soon as it is safe to do so. Pretty sure none of you are reading this anymore. 

Finally all our standard shipping services are free! Well they're not but it's built in to the price so there's no added costs, unless you want to pay extra then let us know and we can gladly assist. Extra services like after hours delivery, white glove, assembly or inside delivery (where available) will be extra and as mentioned will have to be quoted. 

We'll say thanks for reading now even though you probably skipped through it all, but we do commend the intention. Some stuff up there is quite handy to know, so just give it a thought if you're unsure how your items will get to you and how the shipping process works.