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Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared lots of pages with a host of information to read that we're sure covers everything but we have a habit of rambling so here's an FAQ section to cover... yes, you guessed it: frequently asked questions. 

1. When will I get it? 

The magic question! Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe never! It greatly depends on 2 things. If it's in stock then usually no longer than 6 days. If it's not then we'll let you know the time frame when you order or just give us a call or email and we can let you know in advance. We try to ship the same day or the following day after you order where possible but it can take up to 3 days for us to process an order at busy times. 

2. Do you have a store front or shop I can visit to see your items? 

Not currently, check back soon for an update. 

3. Do you have fabric samples? 

Yes, usually. Send us an email with your address and which ones interest you and we'll send them out in the mail. 

4. Do you accept returns? 

Yes, but you will need to pack the item back and ship it to us. It has to be received by us in the same condition it left. 

5. Do you sell other items not on your site? 

Possibly, our factories can make many mid century replica items. Send us an email with what you're looking for and we'll do some digging. 

6. Are you actually onions? 


7. Can you make a product in a different color? 

Usually, there's a whole section we wrote just for you about custom orders. Have a read through and let us know if you have any questions. 

8. Will you bring the items into my home (or workplace) and can you assemble them? 

If you're in the Denver area then often we will upon request depending on the item you ordered (big marble tables will be extra). If you're further out then we will need to get a quote for you on request. These services are not guaranteed, check with us first. Read our shipping information page too for lots of extra knowledge. 

9. Do you charge tax? 

If you're in the state of Colorado sadly we have to.

10. Do you ship internationally? 

Yes but it's not cheap and can be complicated depending on where you are, contact us for a quote. 

11. I have found your products on Amazon/eBay/Houzz but they're more expensive, why? 

These online market places charge on average around 15% per sale, so we simply add around 15% to the price of our items on these channels to cover their fees.

12. Am I still protected if I don't order through Amazon/eBay/Houzz? 

Yes, we offer the same customer service and terms here as we do on those other platforms. There's just no middle man, with the exception of Houzz you will still be dealing directly with us when you order through other sites and you'll receive the exact same products, only at a higher price. 

13. Do you lease, lend, rent or assist with home staging? 

Yes, at our discretion. Contact us for more information or visit the 'home staging or leasing' page. 

14. Anything else I should know before I order? 

We urge you to read our terms and conditions page before ordering, we also know that's a big ask. It's not too long or boring, honest.