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Custom Orders

If you're in this section you must be looking for something extra special? Perhaps you're just curious and that's OK too... unless you're a cat. 

So you love our products but the color or fabric options are just not quite what you wanted to make that perfect interior? Well that's not a problem, our factories are very helpful and can often customize (within reason) a product to your specifications. When it comes to the Ball or Pod chairs they can be custom made in almost any fabric that you can see our Egg and Swan chairs in, there will just be an extra cost for the material which is usually around $100. 

Our factories can also upholster a chair in a fabric of your choice as long as you are willing to supply it, pay for shipping (to China) and then wait for it to be made. We usually suggest sending a sample of the fabric first so they can review it's suitability, then we can work out the logistics of getting a big roll of fabric across the pacific without getting it wet. 

If an item is painted then we are most likely to paint it in any color you wish, we just can't be held accountable for your bad decisions. 

Custom orders take a bit longer to produce and we ask for a 50% deposit as the item is being made just for you. We will try to be as accurate as possible with wait times and let you know if anything changes, deposits are not usually refundable unless either the item vanishes into thin air or takes considerably longer than originally calculated. Custom ordered items cannot be returned as we have made them specifically at your request. 

Finally if you have a commercial project and need to order multiple chairs on a tight time scale we can look at custom pricing options for expedited services. This is also available for international projects, we are able to ship groups of chairs by air freight or in shared containers. The costs can be higher but the shipping times can be considerably less (especially via air) than our container schedules. 

So send us a note or give us a call and we can discuss your ideas and options, no matter how crazy they seem. The worse we can do is laugh at you and tell you that you're silly... in a nice way.