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The internet is great and so is email. If you want to reach out to us you can do so by emailing We also have an Instagram account and other social media pages which you can feel free to use. Of course if you wish to speak to us directly like people used to do in the olden days then our number is 844-886-6466 and the savvy of you will notice that's 844-88-ONION! Yes, we love it too. 

You could also throw a message in a bottle into the Colorado River and see if it makes it too us, but if it's something you want answered at some point in the immediate future then best to use the above options. This page feels a little empty there's really only so much you can write on a 'contact us' page but we'll include our address for appearances sake. You are welcome send us a letter but please write with an inked feather, in calligraphy, sent via eagle with a heated wax stamp so we can pretend to be medieval Kings and Queens upon receipt. 

If you've not bothered to read any of the above rambling then find all the information provided in an easy to read layout below:-  

Modern Onion 
Louisville CO 80027
United States