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About Us

We're a bunch of genetically modified onions, obviously.

We've not been in Chicago all that long but straight away we were endeared to this beautiful city and whilst setting up the business we really wanted a name that embraced our new 'roots'. After learning where the name 'Chicago' originated and if you don't know it would be rude of us not to elaborate. The Native Americans named the swamp lands where Chicago now towers after a particularly pungent onion that grew on the banks of the Chicago River, they called it "shikaakwa." There are various accounts and debates about the accuracy of this but that was the story we heard first and it's stuck. So that's where the name comes from, not the stinky onion but it's modern-day cousin with an eye for mid century furniture - Modern Onion! 

We've worked in the mid century furniture industry for well over 10 years now with both replicas and original vintage pieces having originally started out in Europe, England to be precise. A love for mid century furniture brought us on a great adventure with the endless opportunities of America and the lure of an American dream just too good to pass up. So in 2013 when the opportunity arose we set off, originally selling furniture in the temperate climate and year round sun of Northern California the decision was made to relocate to a larger city, one with an obviously less hospitable environment but more important considerably cheaper real estate. If you didn't know already the Bay Area is crazy expensive! Even the local rodent population have smart phones and twitter. 

And here we are. A Modern Onion planted in Chicago. We've spent a few years now narrowing down our catalog to a selection that we feel conforms to a certain style and period with products that are replicas, reproductions or whatever phrase you wish to use, are of a very high quality (and we know because we've been doing this 10 years). So don't be shy, come say 'Hi' and join us in an appreciation of mid century furniture. You're always welcome to visit us here in the Mid West, which we can honestly say so far has welcomed us with open arms, smiles and friendly faces everywhere. So thanks very much for reading this and even if you didn't you've at least clicked this page and read this paragraph. Also sorry if I spelled something wrong the transition from UK English to American English is much harder than you would think even after 5 or more years, I honestly don't know which one is correct anymore.

All the best, furniture fans! 
Modern Onion