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Mid-century modern is all about the future. The designs are wacky, and you can almost get an insight of what the late 20th century designer's envision for future generations; a world full of spaceships and robots. They created futuristic furniture that wouldn’t look out of place on the decks on the Millennium Falcon. Well, not quite, but their innovative creations revolutionised the way we design our homes. 

At Modern Onion, we have several inspired collections of timeless, modern lounge chairs. Mid-century were way ahead of their time. We’re talking Arne Jacobsen, Eero Aarnio, Thor Larsen, Eero Saarinen; all these incredible works of art available at your fingertips.

Introducing the Egg Chair, this chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958, commissioned by the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in Denmark. This chair is all about the sleek, chic exterior, moulded into an oval-like shape. Made of fiberglass shells covered with fabric, the seat is cushioned, and the slope arm rest that curves to the top of the chair creates a warm embrace - no better way to have your afternoon nap.

Arne Jacobsen's Swan Chair comes as the original companion to the Egg Chair. Its graceful ‘wings’ allow you to rest your arms comfortably, with the seat slightly curved inward. Likewise, it’s made out of fiberglass shells that can be upholstered with various types of fabrics, from leather to cashmere. This sophisticated design is practical for lounging, but it also makes a perfect companion for work as an office chair. They say you shouldn’t mix leisure with work, but it’s difficult when these chairs are so comfy and classy. 

Now, when you think of egg chairs, the most notorious of them all is the Ovalia creation. Almost 10 years later from the initial Jacobsen design, Henrick Thor-Larsen evolved the design into his own. This chair has made a cameo appearance in one of the highest grossing sci-fi films of all time: Men in Black. Having its own purpose in the film, this chair serves the likes of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, with its literal egg-shaped pod, cushioned seat and inside interior, upholstered of different fabrics such as wool. With the exterior made out of fiberglass shell, completed with a shiny, white finish. The base is made from aluminium, which is also painted white to give it an excellent shine. You don’t have to be the Men In Black to look cool. 

Perhaps you like the chairs to be a little more spacious? If that’s the case, then you might appreciate Aarnio's Ball Globe’ lounge chair, designed in 1963. This lustrous, globe chair consists of laminated fiberglass shells, available in both white and black, upholstered with wool interior for extra comfort. If having a stationary chair isn't enough, we also have Aarnio’s ‘Hanging Bubble Chair’, a modification of the first ball globe chair. Just like its name, this ‘Bubble’ chair comprises of sheer transparent acrylic shell, with a removable PU cushions available in many colours including red, black and white. Inspired by mid-century modern architecture, Aarnio wanted to create an illusion of drifting away, levitating you off the ground and into space. The transparency of the shell enables light to penetrate through, so you can enjoy your own quiet little bubble with warmth from the rays of sunshine.  

Every Living room needs a coffee table, somewhere to rest our warm beverages (and margaritas!). Our reproduction lounge collection includes the famous ‘Oval Tulip’ coffee table with Italian Carrara marble. The Tulip coffee table comprises of lustrous Italian Carrara marbling detail, attached to a curved fiberglass base with a polished white finish. The Oval Tulip coffee table was highly popularised in the 1950s, and just like the egg chairs, they became a crucial part of mid-century interior design. We also offer Aarnio Parabel Side table replica - a funky, fun fungi that won’t create slimy moulds in your living room, but it has been moulded using fiberglass to create a fantastic work of art. This side table would be considered as a great partner to pair with the egg chair, or even the hanging bubble chair, to make a perfect, cubism inspired living room.   

Of course, at Modern Onion, we can customise the chairs made to order, therefore whichever fabric you desire, whether it's cashmere, Italian leather or premium wool, we are able to do that for you. We have all kinds of colors available to suit every kind of environment you wish to decorate these chairs in, and we ensure that these chairs and tables are made to the highest quality. 

These chairs and coffee tables will forever remain a timeless piece, no matter where you are, so after a long, tiring day at work, it's only natural to give yourself a break. So why not sit back with a glass of gin and tonic in one of these iconic chairs?