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Without light, the world would be a considerably gloomier place! But why get choked up in a dull, lifeless room full of ordinary lightbulbs when you can have an artichoke inspired Lamp infusing light through the beauty of 80 individual leaves?

You’d be surprised to know that designer Poul Henningsen actually grew up in a small Danish town with no electricity, yet by 1958 he was commissioned to create a new lighting fixture for a restaurant in Copenhagen. Also known as “PH Artichoke”, Henningsen devoted his effort into researching light, by observing the flaws on harsh bulbs that were only available at the time. This juxtaposition between utilising artificial light, and the Artichoke’s natural form, highlights the influence that nature has on his work. The design served more than just providing a source of light,  it emphasises the importance of modern art to our everyday lives. It’s no use just having a functioning lightbulb nowadays, it’s all about articulating its functionality through sculptural shapes. As you can see, Henningsen did this just right, as his design has become so iconic that there’s nothing else quite like it.

What makes this lamp so extraordinary is the gradual radiance of the light that’s not harsh to the eyes, giving it a warm, coppery glow to your dining room. This idea came from Henningsen’s desire to circulate the light source across the room, which not only saves you buying endless number of lightbulbs, but this lamp is almost an alternative to chandeliers, with a modern twist. 

The original production is made of brushed aluminium leaves, cut using laser, in a beautiful bronze, copper aluminium material that is reflective of natural, warm sunset glow. At Modern Onion, our replica doesn’t just come with one color, but in five variations. With copper, gold, silver, red and white, we offer a range of color for every room, as well as sizes small and medium. We suggest a medium for those that want beautiful, warm lights to really shine in your dining room, and perhaps smaller ones for the office or perhaps hallway for a more comfortable surrounding all round.

So whichever artichoke suits your taste, this lamp is almost too iconic not to have in your dining room, even if you’re not a big fan of artichokes themselves! Maintaining the highest quality, we replicate this design using aluminium leaves, making this lamp a lot more affordable than the original.