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The inheritance of our planet and what better way to prepare them for this inescapable burden than to introduce them to mid century modern design from an early age? Sure life skills such as manners, hygiene and how to survive the zombie apocalypse are important but that's not why you're here and we sell furniture (that will most likely survive the apocalypse) so around here that's numero uno! 

We have some great things for your little terrors too, all have been tested by our in house loon-ions. We've got Eames inspired tables and chairs, of which the tables are laminated, great for the playroom apocalypse and the chairs are high quality plastic. Though you'll likely feel like a zombie after wiping them down a million times the chairs will remain undead! 

We also have ultra cute kids sized Aarnio ball chairs that are made to order and can be custom colored too, which is great for color matching projects. There's a bit of a wait for them sometimes but aren't we all trying to teach children (and ourselves) the value of patience?  

Our factory is as creative as your children, so if you're looking for another mid century chair in a smaller size then send us a mail and we'll see what can be cooked up at onion HQ!