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Wine, dine and great design! That's our motto, well it's not but it could be. We are Modern Onion but this area is mostly reserved for a different type of flora... the Tulip. No, we're not selling flowers here but we can help with the arrangement of your dining area! 

The Tulip or Pedestal group was designed by Eero Saarinen between 1955-56, aimed to change an 'ugly, confusing, unrestful world' of table and chair legs into a more organic and visually enjoyable experience continuing his 'one piece, one material' thesis. Though the Tulip chairs and tables are not quite made of one piece or material it's easy to see the concept behind the final design. 

These aren't your garden variety replicas we have here, ours are superior quality and include dining chairs in both arm and side chair format and a large selection of dining tables in different sizes and finishes. The flag ship here being our beautiful oval Tulip dining tables made with real Cararra marble from Italy.

You may find other items too in this section, such as Aarnio's Parabel table and anything else we decide to add to our dining collection. 

At Modern Onion there's always spring in our step and we're here to make your dining room blossom!