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How to Choose the Right Marble Table: Your Complete Guide

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How to Choose the Right Marble Table: Your Complete Guide

How to Choose the Right Marble Table: Your Complete Guide

Marble and artwork go hand-in-hand and have for over a millennium. In 130 BC, the Venus de Milos was sculpted in Greece. 

It's also beautiful when used around homes, even as tables. Investing in a marble table has myriad benefits. 

But it's important to know what you're buying before you buy a marble tabletop or marble desk. We want to help. 

Keep reading this guide to learn how to choose the best marble furniture to make your home the topic of everyone's conversation. 

The Advantages of a Marble Table

Marble is a great material to work with. The biggest advantage is how beautiful marble is. 

Very little compares to the aesthetics of marble. Part of its beauty is in how it's made. 

What Marble Is Made From

Marble is a metaphoric mark. It forms when limestone is subjected to both pressure and heat due to metamorphism. 

While marble is mostly made of the mineral calcite (CaCO3), it also can contain other minerals. Common minerals found in marble are:

  • Micas
  • Quartz
  • Clay minerals
  • Iron oxides
  • Pyrite
  • Graphite

Marble Is Unique and Durable

Thanks to these minerals, marble is very durable. In fact, if taken care of properly, marble can outlast every other piece of furniture you own. And with the right professional, can even be restored. 

Since marble is unique and comes in a variety of natural colors, marble never really goes out of style. It's a piece that always goes with everything and easily complements any home. 

Environmentally Friendly

Natural stones like marble don't go through a chemical process. They also do not produce any toxic waste nor do they contribute to any emissions of dangerous gases. 

These tables won't harm the planet but they do look luxurious in their beautiful representation of nature at its finest. 

How to Choose Marble Furniture

When most people think of a marble tabletop, they immediately envision a creamy, white stone. But there are actually hundreds of varieties available. Other colors include:

  • Black
  • Red,
  • Green
  • Taupe
  • Gold

However, keep in mind that acid etching will leave a whitish mark that is more noticeable on colored marble than on white marble. 

Consider Style and Function

Before you invest in marble tops, take into consideration what your decorating needs are. A round marble end table along with an oval coffee table will complement a formal living room that leans towards Victorian-age fashion.

For a more contemporary look, consider investing in a rectangular marble table. The simple and straight-lined legs of modern tables are more suitable in that type of setting. 

Once you've determined the best style for your needs, you can then determine what size marble table is best for the room. 

Size Options

Whether you're in the market to buy a marble dining table or a marble desk, figure out the size by creating a room floor plan using graph paper. Draw furniture outlines on paper for everything you want to place in that room, including the marble table. 

You may even want to cut out miniature furniture models. This way you can move them around on the floor plan until you determine where everything fits best. 

Consider Height, Width, and Length

Keep in mind the width, height, and length that works best within the room. For casual end tables, match the height with the arm height of your chair or sofa. 

You can use small marble tables as coffee tables. A larger coffee table can also double as a bookshelf. 

Consider the Genre

Most people investing in marble tops don't own a mixed bag of furniture. You've probably already settled on a specific genre to best represent you and your lifestyle. 

Modern tables now come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. For those who prefer a contemporary look, opt for a marble table that has straight edges along with bold color swirls. 

Those who love vintage and antiques can find marble tables that represent a variety of different styles throughout the ages from Victorian to art deco to contemporary. 

Be Bold

If you're going to invest in marble, you might as well step out of your comfort zone a bit and go bold. The whole point of furniture is to fit both your needs and your idea of aesthetics. 

It's okay to use marble tables for other purposes. Repurpose an old slab of marble and make a new and unique coffee table by gluing it together with a bench. 

Mix, Match, and Reuse

Reuse an antique buffet as a sofa table. Mix and match styles together. You can put your Victorian end table next to a contemporary sofa to create new looks. 

Mix and match wood and other types of materials with marble. A wooden base matched with a marble table is another form of functional art. 

Types of Marble

There are several types of marble that are typically used to make tabletops. Each one comes with its own grain, color, and vein pattern.


Carrara marble is very high-quality stone found in Tuscany. Italian designers exclusively use Carrara and have since the Roman Empire. 

Colors range from white to blue-grey. It's most notable for its linear veining.


Calacatta comes from the same Tuscan region as Carrara. It's similar in looks but Calacatta is a brighter white. 

Its veining is also higher in contrast and larger than Carrara.  


Emperador is quarried in Spain. It's distinctively brown and features fine veining. 

Emperador comes in two grades which are First and Standard. First Grade is uniform in color. Only a small amount of white calcite is seen. 

Standard Grade features more color variations along and more white calcite is noticeable. 


Technically, Travertine isn't marble. However, like marble, it does start out as limestone. 

Then is metamorphosizes into something entirely new. Travertine looks best in its natural matte finish while marble looks best polished. 

You can spot Travertine thanks to the holes or pits in the stone. It also comes in warm colors ranging from white to walnut brown. 


Marble is durable but only if you take proper care of it. Be careful to instantly wipe up any spills.

It's best to use coasters. And only use cleaning products specifically designed to clean marble. 

Ask Us Questions

If you have questions about finding the perfect marble table for your needs, we can help. We have tons of options for high-quality pieces of furniture to choose from. 

Shop around our site or reach out to us directly. We're available by email or phone. Click here to contact us