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Frozen Onion!

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Frozen Onion!

A polar vortex is sweeping through the Mid West with temperatures expected to test Chicago's record of -27 set in 1985 with wind chills possible of -55!!! Meanwhile we're trying to stay warm cocooned in our ball chairs, though our warehouse remains bitterly cold the furniture doesn't seem to mind! 

Seems like we're not the only ones looking to to stay warm with many people ordering Ball Chairs and Egg Pod Chairs lately - a great option for a cozy corner this winter! Our beautiful Carrara Marble Tulip Tables have also been moving fast, so if you're thinking about it, don't think for too long! 

Finally, if you're reading this head over to our Instagram page and give us a follow, we only have a few so far and would appreciate the support! Check back soon! 

Onion out!