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An Eggscellent Idea: The Top Benefits of Buying an Egg Chair

An Eggscellent Idea: The Top Benefits of Buying an Egg Chair

An Eggscellent Idea: The Top Benefits of Buying an Egg Chair

Egg chairs are super hip right now. Read on to learn the top benefits of buying an egg chair. 

There are few furniture pieces as iconic as an egg chair.

It first appeared in 1958, in the lobby of a SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Thanks to the Danish designer Arne Jacobsen, it took the interior realm by the storm, spawning many offshoots.

The mark left on pop culture and mainstream design is long-lasting. People seem to be completely sold on the idea of being enveloped by the furniture. They crave to introduce more playfulness and serenity to their life.

What’s more, it’s truly remarkable how well the egg chair fits the modern design picture. This is thanks to its sublime blend of form and function, a marriage of coziness and stylishness.

Here are the top reasons why you should get one yourself.

Unparalleled Comfort

Comfort is the primary benefit and the main selling point of an egg chair.

It has high sides and cradling, cushioned seat for prolonged sitting. Some varieties such as Ball Chair are spheres that encapsulate the occupant wholly. Serving as comfy microcosms of their own, they allow you to reconnect with your inner self.

Indeed, the egg chair is a perfect place to curl up, lounge, read, and contemplate. Its ergonomically sound design supports proper posture and alleviates strain in the back, shoulders, and neck. The cocooning embrace puts your mind at ease and soothes the body.

If you want nothing short of an elite level of comfort, opt for chairs with highest-density cushioning and premium, heavy-duty fabric. Tilt-lock mechanism is also a nice-to-have, as it lets you find an optimal seating position.

Countless hours of bliss guaranteed.

Visual Appeal

Egg chairs have a unique visual flair about them.

Their peculiar, womb-like shape was born from a mid-century experience and supreme vision of its creator. Namely, they have that quirky, structural appeal, which made them an instant classic.

Original Jacobsen style features sleek, minimalist contours that emanate effortless chic. They serve as true attention-arresting centerpieces.

Many newer egg chairs emulate these qualities. Hanging egg chairs go an extra mile: they can be suspended from the ceiling or their own stand. They are a god-sent gift for patio or poolside daydreaming.

But, a lot more has happened over the years. Modern, all-white, and neutral-colored models take a different, less eye-catchy approach. They blend into the backdrop, letting other design elements take center stage.

All in all, there is a wide array of gorgeous finishes to consider. You can make your style statement regardless of your taste.

A Vast Spectrum of Choice

The modern product palette is wide and varied.

Egg chairs come in all designs, colors, and sizes. They can adorn both outdoor and indoor spaces. One can find replicas of classics, neo-retro pieces of art, and contemporary stunners.

This is also to say they can match any type of décor and room layout, flawlessly reflecting who you are. To make the magic happen, however, you need to choose a color that complements the rest of the interior landscape.

With so many options in the market, shopping can get overwhelming. We adore egg chairs with multi-functional design and a matching ottoman. They are incredibly versatile and can be used in the home, patio, terrace, outdoors, on the boat, etc.

But, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

You need to do your homework and cherry-pick your own personal throne of calmness.  Pay special attention to factors such as weight, durability, and cost. Remember that older genuine models have “made in Denmark by Fritz Hansen” label.

Stick to reputable dealers and avoid skimping too much.

Quality and Sturdiness

Egg chars tend to be both lightweight and strong.

Pioneering models were foam-based because wood or steel couldn’t produce that distinctive curvy shape. This was a revolutionary solution for the time.

When it comes to modern pieces, they are framed with materials such as fiberglass, steel, plastic, and aluminum. Innovative models like bubble chair champion bolder options like skylight acrylic. Other, more rustic and bohemian pieces are made from natural rattan and wicker.

In general, the furnishing tends to contain layers of polyester or leather.  Outdoor egg chairs are upholstered in waterproof fabric and have rust-resistant metal components.  You don’t have to worry about harsh weather spoiling the fun.

On top of all that, most models have considerable load capacity. Their heavy-duty frames provide superior stability and accommodate both kids and adults.

Features Galore

Furniture manufacturers do their best to integrate various features into egg chairs.

Yes, the defining characteristic comes in the form of sides that curve upwards. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For instance, a bulk of contemporary chairs has rotating, swiveling, and tilting functions, which are a great treat.

They may be more expensive, but they offer great value for the money.

Similarly, egg stools have stable platforms with hydraulic levers for controlling height. They resemble typical office chairs and can fill that role quite nicely. Their back support is exceptional, enabling you to relax while working.

On the other hand, the aforementioned hanging egg chairs save precious floor space. They work great for maximizing small spaces such as balconies.

Finally, on the cheaper side of the spectrum, we have foldable design egg chairs. You can open and close them in no time. This feature comes quite handy at times (camping anyone?).  

Egg Chair: Elevated Beauty in Utmost Simplicity

Instantly recognizable around the world, Jacobsen’s creations are the pinnacle of timeless interior design.

They defined the whole era, owing to ground-breaking use of materials and characteristic shape. You could even say an egg chair is more than a furniture piece. It’s almost like a small room within a room!

The appeal also lies in high versatility. These chairs are suited to all kinds of living environments and come with a heap of cool features.

Thus, don’t miss an opportunity to spend some me-time in a cocoon’s protective comfort. Refresh your space and add more functionality in one stroke. Treat yourself to more mindful moments daily.

Just make sure you assess your wants and needs and reach an educated shopping decision. Check out our lounge section to see if anything piques interest. You will have your new favorite sitting spot as sure as eggs.

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